Watch YG and Nipsey Hussle’s New Video For “FDT”

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Last month, YG and Nipsey Hussle caused quite a stir out in their native home of California, as they shot the video for “FDT,” or “F*ck Donald Trump,” and were joined by hundreds of bystanders, turning the shoot into somewhat of an impromptu anti-Trump rally. Naturally, authorities got involved, and portions of the shoot were not allowed to continue, but thankfully, the finished product doesn’t resemble that.

Today, the longtime collaborators liberate the new music video for “FDT,” directed by Austin Simkins. Ahead of the video itself, a message, signed “YG & Nipsey Hussle,” declares that in their opinion, “in the age of a technologically empowered and nuclear armed planet…separation is the enemy. The next leader of America will be a most pivotal president for these reasons…register ASAP and choose wisely.”


Over the weekend at Coachella, YG performed the song for a crowd of roughly 20,000 people, many of whom emphatically chanted “F*ck Donald Trump” before YG’s performance of the song even began. “FDT” has developed into quite the anthem, and it’s a well-timed message from the Cali emcees.

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