Andre Iguodala Compared Playing the Rockets to a Practice Scrimmage

Andre Iguodala isn’t known for trash talk. In fact, he’s built a reputation on being a blue-collar player. Once the star of the Philadelphia 76ers franchise, Iguodala has since seamlessly adapted to a lesser, but still important role in Golden State, as the team’s veteran emotional leader and formidable 6th man. How formidable? He was last year’s NBA Finals MVP. Yeah. However, something about these Houston Rockets has ticked off Iggy, and he let loose with a bit of uncharacteristic trash talk during a post-game interview after the Warriors 9-point victory over Houston yesterday, a game they won despite the absence of Stephen Curry, who is nursing a sprained ankle. Iguodala, in describing the change in dynamic with Curry on the bench, said “it kinda feels like scrimmage in practice, you know what I mean?” We’re not exactly sure what you mean, Iggy, and neither will James Harden or Dwight Howard once one of them catches wind of this. Sure, on the surface, Iggy could just be referring to the different roles he and his teammates play when they’re practicing, but comparing preparation for a playoff game against last year’s Western Conference Finals foe to a practice scrimmage isn’t going to fly over well at all.

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