Jared Leto has reportedly been very committed to his role as the Joker in the forthcoming blockbuster film, Suicide Squad. 

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Similar to the clown-like super villain, Leto sent members of the cast weird gifts as a token of appreciation. He openly bragged about sending cast members used condoms and anal beads. He also sent Margot Robbia rat, and had one of his henchmen deliver a dead pig to the entire cast.

E! caught up with Viola Davis at the Tribeca Film Festival’s red carpet, and from the sounds of it, she was not feeling any of Leto’s Joker shenanigans. She said that her husband, Julius Tennon, would’ve handled the Joker if she received any gifts in the video below.


I did not receive any personally or else I would have got my husband, who was called ‘the headache ball’ back in the day when he played football, and I would have said ‘Take care of the Joker.’

On August 5, we will finally see if Jared Leto nailed his role as the Joker in Suicide Squad.