West Coast legends Snoop Dogg and Ice Cube recently sat down to discuss Cube’s illustrious career while breaking-sticks.

In the GGN interview, Cube discussed how breaking into the acting world was more “get in where you fit in,” but states that if it wasn’t for his role as “Doughboy” in the 1991 classic Boyz in the Hood, he may not have even given acting a second thought.

“First of all, it was get in where you fit in, is where it started” Cube said. “Shout out to John Singleton who actually discovered me and was actually like ‘I want you in my movie’.”

Seeing much success in the film world with Cubevision, Ice Cube credits John Singleton for encouraging him to move beyond acting and into writing screenplays and directing.

“I felt like being an actor wasn’t good enough for me to do all the things I wanted to do and all of the movies I wanted to do after Boyz in the Hood, so I knew getting behind that camera was important and writing was important,” Cube continued. “So I got into writing early, right after Boyz in the Hood, they was wack but the third one was Friday with DJ Pooh and that’s how it all started. John when I did Boyz in the Hood was like ‘When you going to start writing?’ and I was like ‘John I can’t write no movie’ and he said ‘Yes you can, you write those lyrics like you can, so you can write a movie.”

Snoop also touched on Cube’s classic “True to the Game” and how he felt hearing the young hardcore Cube 25 years later. “It feels good, that’s the young ferocious Cube.”