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Spike Lee continues to reaffirm his support for Bernie Sanders in the presidential election, in which this time he adds new fuel to an old flame. In Spike’s new Bernie Sanders campaign ad, his call to action is loud and direct with the all too familiar “Wake Up!” message that stuck with us from Lee’s School Daze.

Using a very unique selection of celebrity appeal, Lee includes influential, well known names from various industries to represent the different aspects of Bernie’s campaign. From Harry Belafonte expressing his concern for our country in choosing the wrong leader, to Susan Sarandon reminding us all how education should be a right not a privilege, each celebrity perspective is presented very eloquently and with much passion. Spike even went as far as including the voice of one of the most highly respected immigration activists to date, Erika Andiola, in favor of the Latino demographic, and Linda Sarsour to encompass diversity to the fullest.


The video displays a strong willed Bernie Sanders in South Bronx addressing various concerns that need undivided attention, in which he assures that during his time as President progression in these areas will undoubtedly take place. To top it off, Lee utilizes the voices of the youth [some of which include his son, Jackson Lee] to represent no voice, race, age, or gender being unheard in a potential Bernie Sander’s lead America.

Taking into consideration how powerful Spike Lee’s influence is on Brooklyn, New York, and the African American culture overall, did this ad do enough justice to guarantee a vote for Bernie in the upcoming elections?