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Current Buffalo Bills coach and former New York Jets Coach Rex Ryan recently applauded presidential hopeful Donald Trump for having the courage to speak his mind. Introducing Trump at a rally in Buffalo on Monday [April 18th] Ryan was surprised to learn he actually had went to two Super Bowls, but that was all a delusion.

“We all know I’m not a politician or a public speaker, I’m just a football coach,” said Ryan, who went on to tell a story about Donald Trump’s former USFL New Jersey Generals, with far more accuracy to detail. “We’re all here tonight because we support Donald Trump.”

According to Trump—who obviously missed the memo—Ryan lead the Jets to back to back AFC Championship victories in 2009 and 2010. The Jets actually lost in the AFC Championship those years.



“You’re going to have a very good season this year, you just watch, it’s going to be great because you have a great coach,” said Trump about the Bills. Hopefully for the Buffalo Bill fans, Trump is better at his predictions than his recollections.