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Cam’ron released his highly anticipated and very limited 4/20 Reebok Ventilator Supreme‘s today [Wednesday, April 20] and as expected, the shoe instantly sold out in one hour.

Cam had a sneaker release for the shoe at Jimmy Jazz on 125th Street in Harlem, as he met with fans and signed autographs. We had the chance to ask Killa Cam a few questions regarding the 4/20 collaboration with Reebok and who has the best shoe game out of the whole Dipset crew.

What are you most excited most about with the 4/20 collaboration with Reebok?

I’ve been working with Reebok for a couple years now and supporting their other sneakers, but I’m glad I got my own shoe now.


How did you guys decide to add the legendary pink fur photo into the insole?

To be honest, I didn’t really have to much to do with the designing. They have different designs that I say yes or no to, and they finally got one that I liked! That’s just facts. I don’t know the designer’s name but it was 100 percent him, he did this all by himself [laughs].

Have you always wanted to have a pair of Reebok Ventilators?

I always wanted to have a pair of Reebok’s that were my own, I don’t know about necessarily a Ventilator but they came out pretty dope.

What are your earliest memories of Reebok?

I’m from New York so everybody use to rock the 54 11’s. Because they came out at 54 dollars and 11 cents, the Reebok Classics, that’s what we used to call them.

Who has the best shoe game out of Dipset?

I don’t know about the best; I probably got the most. I don’t know if mine are better than anybody else’s though, we all get fly.

Camron Jimmy Jazz

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