Trem One is a rapper (as well as producer and DJ) based in Melbourne, Australia and a founding member of Hip Hop heavyweight group, Lyrical Commission. In the ongoing conversation of who’s the most skilled emcee from Down Under, the quality of Trem’s music continues to speak for itself over time.

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In the late 90s, Trem released two now classic EP’s with Prowla and Jase of Nuffsaid Records, and having worked with some of the top artists from Australia (including Brad Strut, Delta, Prowla, Kings Konekted and more), Trem’s reputation is second to none. His label Unkut Recordings has delivered a number of quality releases, including Lyrical Commission’s (with Brad Strut, Bob Balans + DJ J-Red) debut classic The Stage is Set and their follow up release, Murderous Metaphors. Trem One’s latest release For the Term of His Natural Life is highly regarded as one of the all time best Hip Hop releases to come out of Australia.

Any conversation about Hip Hop from Australia is incomplete without mentioning Trem, and his group Lyrical Commission. Lyrics, story-telling ability, technicality of rhyme style, clever mixture of similes, metaphors and overall song quality are trademarks of Trem and there’s not a better solo emcee to give you a taste of what Hip Hop from Australia has to offer.