Tracy G. is a media maven from Brooklyn, New York passionate about pop culture, women empowerment and perhaps above all, embracing individuality. She’s an on-air host for Sway In The Morning as well as the “Edutainer-In-Charge” of her blog She’s Beauty And The Beast and recently released her first affirmation EP, Love, Light And That Good Sh*t.

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Her accomplishments include writing cover stories, reviews, profiles and human interest features for major publications like VIBE, Complex, Rolling Stone, SPIN and Essence.

Tracy has also been recognized for her music writing, as a brand voice for SiriusXM and interviews with big names like Shonda Rhimes, Pharrell Williams, Gary Vaynerchuk, Quentin Tarantino and Tony Robbins.


This positive spirit has also worked with major broadcast networks known worldwide like VH1, MTV, BET and Fuse. Get to know more about her journey, inspirations and future goals below.


What exactly inspired you to begin your profession and when did you officially start?

I felt my passion for traditional journalism fading and so was taking inventory of my strongest skills and most seductive interests to try and figure out what the hell my next move should be. I remembered how much fun I had during a brief stint in radio and took notice of how many compliments my bosses gifted me in regards to my interviewing skills, so I thought hmmm, let’s see how I can explore this radio road again. Soon after that epiphany I found practice through the early onset of podcasts and friends’ Internet radio shows. Eventually that preparation met up with an opportunity to audition for Sway In The Morning almost three years ago and I’ve been on the rise ever sense.

Now as far as “She’s Beauty And The Beast” goes, that came to genesis a year ago while I was waist-deep in my personal development and truly realizing that my inner self-talk needed some remixing. That’s when I fell heart over heels in love with affirmations, saw how my communication skills connected and just started creating s*it with my voice as the paintbrush and my friend/producer GLAM providing the soundtrack.

What has been the biggest highlight of your career so far and why?

Interviewing two of my idols, Tony Robbins and Gary Vaynerchuk, each a great thought leader of our time, each surpassing my idea of them. Also, being chosen for a television pilot that I’m really proud of. Whether it gets greenlit or not, the experience was such a warm, affirming hug from the universe and I learned an incredible amount. And finally, the recent release of my affirmation EP, Love, Light And That Good Sh*t. A bumpy but beautiful process, my proudest creation thus far. From the heart for the heart.

How has your life changed since you began your journey and what are you expecting next?
I seek a different sort of thrill now, one that isn’t cheap and comes with exploring the possibilities of my potential. I’ve reunited with my creative side and am more aware of all my blessings then ever. My next chapter includes magnifying Sway In The Morning even more while growing deeper in the world of personal development. My focus right now is transitioning “She’s Beauty And The Beast” from project to business.

What characteristics do you believe are important in order to be successful and why?
There is such a major difference between ordinary and extraordinary and honestly I’m still on the bridge. From what I’ve experienced myself and studied from others, it takes a keen sense of prioritization, staying committed to the bigger picture after the honeymoon phase, having a like-minded squad no matter the size, mentoring others, being mentored, upping the quality of your work, evaluating strategies, prayer, being open to God’s creative possibilities, investing monetarily and spiritually in yourself and more!

For the young generation inspired by your achievements, what advice could you offer to those pursuing a career in the industry?
Don’t compare life chapters with your peers. We’re all older than someone else and younger than someone else. Ahead of someone else and behind of someone else. Unless you prefer your ego over God, it does not matter. Be inspired by the light of others, but be wary of allowing that light to cast a shadow on you. Date yourself the way you would someone of interest. The more you discover about your authentic self, the more you’ll like yourself and the more you like yourself, the sooner you find yourself in a state of self-love. And that state is the ultimate no f*cks zone.

How do you feel you contribute to the world?
I feel like it’s our human responsibility to share as much as possible about zig zags that lead us to joy and discontent so I’m always trying my best to live up to that statement. The message I hope sticks with my audience is simple as hell: there are always options.