The 80s was the introduction of Hip Hop to the world. With each new artist and each new song, we were discovering the true depths of Hip Hop and realizing how powerful this sound was, and more importantly how an entire culture was being created. The early 90s was the era of revolutionary Hip Hop and battle rap. We had acts like Tupac and NWA narrating the stories of the African American struggle. Then there was the late 90s, the era of girl power and the infamous girl groups who headlined the movement.

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From Xscape to SWV, TLC to Destiny’s Child, and we can’t forget about Blaque and 3LW; we can’t deny that girl groups were the best thing since Adidas track suits and gold rope dookie chains. They were just that great—until suddenly they became extinct. From break ups to make ups to dropping old members and adding the new, girl groups eventually became obsolete. Until more recently, as the return of the girl group is slowly but surely making a major comeback and we are ever so excited! Here are a few to be on the lookout for.




XSO is a trio based out of Atlanta but with members also coming from Detroit and Cleveland. Singers Mia and Paije and rapper Jaz came together a little under a year ago represented by Upfront Megatainment. XSO was presented on the Code Red Experience Tour as the opening act for Monica and Rico Love. With a mix of turn up, a little sweetness, and a whole lot of cool these ladies are hard not to love. You can hear their latest singles, “It’s Whatever” and “Why Not” on their site:



BLUSHHH is a trio a little different from most with two rappers, Sunni and Bunni Ray, and one vocalist, Tali, who all believe (B)eauty (L)ives (U)nder (S)toned (HHH)earts. Based out of Houston, TX these girls are managed by Mathew Knowles and signed to Music World Entertainment. Mathew discovered them at a weekly artist showcase he holds at Music World Entertainment in which he was not originally convinced, but with a few changes and upgrades they’re now ready to take the industry by storm. We can expect a debut album this summer with all updates to be found at



Glamour is an urban pop girl group based out of Atlanta with three strong vocalists, Kaylan, Moriah, and Ydal. Their claim to fame originated from their participation in X-Factor Season 3. They went on and used YouTube to cover popular songs and gain a bigger fan base. The ladies covered Brandy‘s song “Beggin and Pleadin” and to their surprise they were granted an opportunity to be featured in the official video as Brandy’s background singers. No word of an album, but we can continue to expect nothing short of greatness from the three.