The Boston Celtics, behind a career-high 42 points from Isaiah Thomas, were able to cut into the Atlanta Hawks’ 2-0 series lead with a decisive victory at home in Boston last night. They’ll have the chance to tie it up tomorrow night, which would be fitting, considering this is one of the most evenly matched first-round series of these playoffs.

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Don’t, however, tell that to Marcus Smart. During a play last night, Smart felt the need to give off the notion that the Celtics don’t really match up well with the Hawks, due to the Atlanta players being ginormous bulldozers that send Celtics players flying as the result of the slightest nudge or bounce.


Like, really flying. Just look at that Vine clip. That is a fantastic flop. Someone call Scorcese. Game 4 is tomorrow at 6 p.m. ET.