We all started our Friday morning [April 22] off with a quick bang and a little laugh, thanks to Birdman and The Breakfast Club. But things got a tad bit more heated after hearing Young Thug sent threats Charlemagne’s way.

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As The Breakfast Club was scheduled to interview Cash Money Records CEO Birdman, before even sitting down Birdman went on a rant about respecting his name. He took it upon himself to repeat it multiple times before beginning the interview, but when asked to express his issues on camera he no longer had anything to say. Charlamagne seemed unmoved by Birdman’s approach, defending himself by stating, “Did you pull up on Ross that way, or Trick Daddy?” The interview soon ended as quickly as it began with Birdman getting up and leaving, followed by his entourage. Charlamagne, still able to find humor in the situation, ended the recorded confrontation by stating, “Well, there you have it. Grand opening. Grand closing.”

Later that day, Young Thug took to Snapchat to tell Charla, “Charlemagne, you’ll make n****s torture you, boy! I told yo p***y a**. You gone make me beat the f*ck out you. We gone beat that f*ck n***a up.” Shortly after, Thugga deleted the Snapchat post.


Charlamagne and Young Thug have had slight beef in the past. But is it really that serious? Check out Young Thug’s snapchat video here via Charlemagne’s YouTube channel.