Women are strongly making moves in the sports world and the careers of behind-the-scenes power brokers like ESPN’s Lara Gentile are especially a joy to watch. Gentile is the Vice President of the espnW network, dedicated to females athletes and fans of women sports.

Gentile has held her role as VP since the launch of espnW in 2010, and has remained the director of marketing and advertising for ESPN for more than a decade. The former Duke All-American in field hockey has a strong vision of what she wants from espnW and has embraced the role of helping build the network from the ground up.

She says her goal with the channel “from the outset was to create a product for women that wasn’t dumbed down, painted pink or otherwise condescending.”

In 2008, she asked a question that has now remained with us and continues to be a push for sports in the world. “If women’s sports were everything we believe it can be, what would it look like?”