Tomi Lahren, a conservative web anchor best known for her Beyoncé-criticizing Superbowl rant, is not backing down. She has refused to license her Bey-bashing clip for Bey’s Formation world tour.

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Beyoncé’s team reached out to Tomi and The Blaze, the network that runs her segment, through letter, to ask for use of the first thirty seconds of Tomi’s rant for the tour.

Bey’s team sent the letter late last month, saying they may only need to use audio, but video was a possibility. Tomi stayed true to her ways, though, and shot down Bey once more with a no.


Tomi received serious backlash after ripping apart Beyoncé’s halftime show, which celebrated Black power. Tomi claimed Bey was taking steps backwards in America’s civil rights movement by supporting the Black Panthers. Tomi, a young white female, called the Panthers a terrorist group.  

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