Five time Grammy Award winner and Kanye’s mentor Malik Yusef recently sat down to discuss his new book, “Infrared Poetry” and working with Kanye West.

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In an interview with Drea O, Yusef discussed his contributions to what he’s dubbed as the “number one album in the world,” The Life of Pablo.

“I had a chance to work on the number one album in the world right now,” Yusef said. “I wrote and produced every song [on the album].”


When asked about Kanye’s mental state, which has been coming under question a lot lately, Yusef attributes the sometimes erratic behavior with Kanye having a “beautiful mind.”

“It’s always the same, working with Kanye, you know, it’s always very difficult, it’s always a task of great arduity, it’s always an argument it’s always a fight,” Yusef explained. “Sometimes even a genius needs to have direction. Sometimes it’s hard to give a brain that big and that powerful some directions.”

Yusef also revealed that Kanye has actually been diagnosed with a mental disorder, although he doesn’t reveal which one, and that Kanye doesn’t take his medication—which he fully supports.

“[Kanye] doesn’t take his medication because he chooses not to, and I applaud him for that. Whatever they prescribe you for like bipolar or schizophrenia, whatever they diagnosed him as but that doesn’t mean anything,” Yusef continued. “You know, they can diagnose you as all kind of stuff, that doesn’t mean you have to adhere to those principles. And Kanye doesn’t adhere to it.”

Yusef also revealed why TLOP sounds a lot different than the previous work Kanye has produced.

“He’s on something different now,” Yusef said. “He’s a full out Christian now, he’s married with kids so the music is different. It’s not my favorite album, but I love this album and working with Kanye and having the chance to produce.”