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The Game made a surprising confession after taking some time to cop a little purple apparel for Prince-celebrating festivities.

Reporters caught up with him in a Beverly Hills parking lot and asked about his experience with Prince. He revealed that the two had met and were actually planning on doing a song together a few years back, but one little word kept the collab from happening.

Prince had agreed to get on The Game’s song, but upon hearing the one curse word Game claims was essential to the song, he declined. And when it came time to decide which would stay: Prince or that four letter word (which he claims he now forgets), The Game chose the latter.


There was no bad blood between the two and The Game says they even laughed about the experience afterwards. He understands that people grow and learn as they get older and he respects Prince’s (who became a Jehovah’s witness in later years) beliefs: “That’s the evolution of people in their lives. You get older, you get wiser.”

Watch the video here.