At the beginning of this year, one of Hip Hop’s most highly respected lyricists, Jay Electronica, participated in some foul word play in regards to the talents and characteristics of some of his Hip Hop peers. Electronica took to Periscope answering various questions and concerns that were sent through by his fans and followers.

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One follower asked, “Is 50 Cent a good rapper?” Jay stated: “Anybody can be a good rapper. 50 Cent, at one point he was a good rapper. He has the potential to be a good rapper but he’s on some sucka sh*t and we will slap his f*ckin eyeballs loose. We’ll slap 50 Cent’s f*ckin eyeballs loose out his scalp.”

Another follower commented, “Put some Kendrick (Lamar) on” to which Jay said, “Nah, f*ck that! I like the one song with Gunplay, ‘Cartoons and Cereal,’ but other than that we don’t know what these lames talkin’ about.”


Now here we are, a little over two months later and over the past few days Jay Electronica has taken to Twitter to change his stance and take responsibility for his actions on Periscope. Through a series of tweets, Electronica supported his reasoning behind his opinions of 50, asked for forgiveness, and even showed his respects to Birdman in regards to his Angie Martinez interview that followed the short lived Breakfast Club interview on Friday [April 22].

Check out Jay Electronica’s most recent tweets below. In addition, he sent support, love and light to other artists such as Chris Brown, Solange and PARTYNEXTDOOR. Much respect to Jay Electronica for acknowledging his actions and choosing to use his platform for good.