In the past 12 months, former Cleveland Browns quarterback Johnny Manziel has seen his fair share of off-the-field issues. Most of the his transgression seem to be connected with alcohol and suspected drug use, which led the franchise to release him following the end of the previous season. Since then, he has been dropped by his agent Drew Rosenhaus, allegedly trashed a rented West Hollywood mansion and has been spotted partying heavily at Coachella. Earlier this week, he was indicted by a Texas grand jury after allegedly assaulting his ex-girlfriend. It is safe to say that Manziel is very troubled.

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For what its worth, NFL Hall of Famer Lawrence Taylor weighed in on Manziel’s troubles while speaking TMZ Sports. During his playing days and afterwards, Taylor has had a bevy of legal issues connected with substance abuse. A seemingly inebriated LT shared that things were much easier to get away with back in his day, and with the advent of social media along with a 24 hour sports news cycle, it is now very difficult for an athlete to keep their dirt hidden.

Lawrence Taylor:


“It’s not the 1980s, it’s not the early 1990s. You cannot do what you want to do in the NFL anymore. Back in my day, if you didn’t hear about it on Monday, Muthaf**ka you free!”

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