Tonight Show host Stephen Colbert is breaking down Lemonade—no, not the summer time drink that is delicious on ice, but the epic Beyoncé visual album that has taken the world by storm.

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On last night’s [Monday, April 25] episode of the Tonight Show, Colbert “White-Mansplains” Bey’s Lemonade in hopes to clear up confusion on a few references in her song. It seems from the monologue that white people were confused on the term “Becky with the good hair” from Bey’s infectious single “Sorry” and also the overall imagery that was used in the artistic visual album, so Colbert decided to break it down white guy style.

“I know a lot of people were confused when she said ‘Becky with the good hair’,” Colbert explained. “It turns out ‘Becky’ isn’t someone’s name, it’s a reference to a type of girl, like a valley girl.”


Colbert also addressed the Beyhive mistaking the wrong Rachel for “Becky,” referring to the hive swarming TV chef Rachel Ray‘s social media instead of fashion designer Rachel Roy for the now removed Instagram shade seemingly referencing Bey’s Becky line.

“It seems fans were confusing Rachel Roy the fashion designer with Rachel Ray the chef,” Colbert continued. “I can see how, because their names are so similar and also because Rachel Roy also released a cookbook titled, 30 Minute Meals to Please a Cheating Jay Z.”

Colbert also related to Bey’s Lemonade by telling his own story of heartbreak.

“I can totally relate to Bey because I remember when I had my heartbroken,” Colbert continued. “It was 25 years ago and she ripped my heart out and curb stomped it, so you know what I did? We shared a Blockbuster account, so I cancelled her card. Good luck renting Pelican Brief—you just got served.”

Check out the hilarious breakdown below: