“The Nature Boy” Ric Flair has been a very busy man since Wrestlemania 32 took place earlier this month, given that his daughter Charlotte won the WWE Women’s Championship. Even prior to the big show, the 67-year-old accompanied his daughter on all of her press runs and regularly appears with her on WWE programming. According to TMZ Sports, this morning (April 27), Flair was set to board a plane at Boston’s Logan International Airport when things became odd. According to witnesses on the scene, Flair was behaving strangely, with some even assuming that former 16-time Heavyweight Champion was drunk.

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Logan Airport immediately took action, and told TMZ that he was not drunk or intoxicated in anyway, but he did need treatment for a cut on his hand. He was later allowed to board his flight after everything was situated.

Flair’s agent Melinda Morris:


“Ric has been working every day around the clock, including internationally, for a month straight and has injuries on his hand that were being looked into this morning,” she said. “While it is true Ric Flair and his buddies have been keeping airport bars in business since the 70s, that was not the case at all in Boston. I just hung up with Ric. He is already on the flight and all is good.”

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