California police have now identified “Jane Doe No. 59,” but have yet to identify who her killer may have been, according to reports.

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The question still remains as to whether or not Charles Manson may have been her killer, but Manson gave investigators no answers when they tried to pry about the case last year, which has been ongoing for 46 years, according to CNN.

Police, however, did identify the victim as Reet Jurvetson, a 19-year-old Canadian who went to Los Angeles where she was tragically stabbed to death. On November 16, 1969, her body was discovered just off Mulholland Drive. It was reported that Jurvetson was stabbed 150 times in the neck and the upper body.


According to reports, “In October 2015, two Los Angeles police detectives went to Corcoran State Prison to interview Manson. Det. Veronica Conrado said Wednesday that investigators wanted to see whether he had any information about Jurvetson’s death. ‘Their encounter with Manson did not produce anything fruitful,’ police said. Conrado said there are no plans to interview Manson again.”

Jurvetson was identified when a friend of her family had been on the NamUs website – the government’s missing and unidentified people online database. She had stumbled upon a morgue photo of Jurvetson and alerted Jurvetson’s sister. She got in touch with police and provided DNA that ended up being a match.

Anne Jurvetson, Reet’s sister, explained that during Reet’s disappearance, they couldn’t figure out how to look for her.

“In hindsight, I realize that this is a lack of discernment,” Anne said in a CNN article. “But sadly, we did not know how to find someone on the other side of the continent, in another country, if that was even where she still was. North America is a big place! The fact remains, we were terribly perplexed and we grieved her disappearance for many long years.”

While the investigation is still ongoing, police are searching for a man named “John” or “Jean” because he knew Reet in Montreal before he moved to Los Angeles.