This Cop Didn’t Seem Too Excited to Have Keri Hilson Twerking On Him

#KeriHilson is having that time of her life at #VICarnival

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The Virgin Islands Carnival is going down right now in, well, The Virgin Islands, and none other than the gorgeous Keri Hilson is out there taking part, complete with her body paint and ready-for-war cornrows, having the time of her life.

As with any massive gathering of joyous, intoxicated people, there’s a heavy police presence, and Hilson decided to celebrate the added security by twerking all over one of the police officers, who looked vaguely intrigued but had an overall look of disapproval that he, barring a miracle, was about to go very viral.


The cute little episode was quickly broken up by one of the officer’s colleagues, but sorry Officer #1, the world–and likely Serge Ibaka–now have your mug on loop.