Yesterday [Thursday, April 28] Russell Simmons sat down with Sway In The Morning for a very engaging conversation that put a twist on Hip Hop perspectives on politics and a healthy lifestyle.

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Russell is most recently notable for his vegan diet and yogi lifestyle. In November 2015, Russell released his book The Happy Vegan in which he discusses the benefits of conscious eating and veganism, the associated problems with eating meat and tips on how to transition. It only makes perfect sense that Russell’s political preference in the presidential election is in direct correlation with the health advancement of America as a whole or better yet, the demolition of the country’s unhealthy inhumane habits.

Russell clarified his vote for America’s next president was definitely in favor of Hillary Clinton. He explained how he got a lot of flack from his friends and supporters because of his support for Hillary, but he is completely aligned with Hillary’s stance on the prison industrial complex, minimum wage, and the most damaging lobby in the world, the factory farming industry—which utilizes abusive practices to mass produce food products.


Russell stated with much passion, “We spend forty million taxpayer dollars to underwrite the poisoning of the planet and its inhabitance.” He went on to explain, “Without mentioning the factory farming issue you are not mentioning the number one cause of global warming.”

Russell did not hesitate to highlight the positives of Bernie Sander’s campaign by mentioning how much he loves Bernie’s compassion and his efforts toward pulling the party to a more progressive stance on many issues. But none of that changes the fact that Bernie supports what is in fact, killing the planet.

Russell described a brief conversation he had with Bernie that probably solidified his vote for Hillary. Russell asked, “What are you saying about the scariest lobby in the world (the factory farming industry) because that is what’s destroying the planet. Bernie replied, “I support the farmers.” Russell was in disbelief and seems to be officially convinced on who he deems fit to lead our country for the next four years.