From Jam Master Jay and DJ Screw to DJ Khaled and DJ Esco, the DJ is sometimes one of the most underrated roles in the Hip Hop industry. RevoltTV plans to change that, however, and push the culture forward with a new monthly series titled Global Spin Presents: Respect the DJ.

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The first episode highlight the talents of The Breakfast Club’s very own, DJ Envy. The cameras follow Envy over a 48-hour period, giving viewers an inside look into his many roles as an on-air personality, professional DJ, husband and father, and the skills it takes to juggle it all.

Revolt announced the Respect the DJ series “will reveal to viewers the influence and impact the modern day DJ has on music and culture.”


In the preview for next week’s episode, DJ Envy states:

“I just been working hard busting my a** trying to outwork anybody living. Any DJ out there I try to outwork. Whether it’s outwork them in the clubs, outwork them on the radio, outwork their mixes, outwork them as a family man, outwork them as a businessman; outwork anybody that I can possibly be because thats my motivation.”

Respect the DJ premieres on May 5 at 7 p.m. and again at 10 p.m. EST.