Actor Ernie Hudson shared his thoughts on the n-word and Obama’s lax ways after the word was used in addressing the president at his White House Correspondents Dinner on Saturday [April 30].

Mr. Hudson admitted he didn’t actually catch much of the dinner, but a reporter for TMZ informed him of Larry Wilmore’s ending remarks to the President: “Yo Barry. You did it my n****!”

The closing statement was followed by a warm handshake from the president, with Obama showing no signs of objection to the word, but Hudson says he personally takes issue with it. “I don’t think it’s cool to say it to anybody personally.” But he also admits that Obama may just be a “better man” than him. 


Al Sharpton shared his thoughts as well: “I was offended.” Al feels strongly that Larry was in the wrong and President Obama felt obligated to roll with the remarks. He believes that kind of language is particularly disrespectful when talking to the President of the United States: “I felt [it] was very inappropriate.”