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Kevin Hart provided a memorable closing for audiences at the last show of his “What Now” tour in Honolulu on Saturday night [April 30].

The comedian gave an emotional speech to end what he called an “amazing tour,” but any seriousness was cut short by a nasty (and totally funny) fall on stage.

It appeared a panel on the stage lifted up before Hart was able to notice, and he actually ended up falling underneath the stage. He stayed there for a while before being helped up.


Kevin took to social media afterwards to address the situation: “I’mma tell y’all now before y’all see it on the blogs in the morning. I fell off the stage today.” He said, “The excitement must have been overwhelming… and I’m not talking about a little cute fall, I’m talking about a full fledged, f*cked up fall.”

And even funnier, Kevin says the most embarrassing part was the girl he heard yelling, “Oh my God he up under there!”

Watch here.