Latino music has risen up to the challenge of representing mainstream possibility and one crossover artist renowned the world over is an individual titled J Balvin, who’s recently been in the studio with the likes of music titans Pharrell and David Guetta. With a smash hit called ” Ginza”ubiquitous to speakers worldwide and a view count of over 500 million on Youtube, Balvin is himself a high profile talent. Linking up with the world encapsulating Guetta and recording the energy via Instagram recently, Balvin is primed to successfully meld worlds with a collaborative track following in the footsteps of artists such as Akon, Nicki Minaj, Fetty Wap and Usher.

Quickly taking a selfie video, the background music is booming and typical of the huge sound normally fostered by Guetta and his large festival ready EDM aesthetic. “There are no limits in this life. We’re going after the impossible,” wrote Balvin. He also posted a companion video with Guetta displaying him saying hello in Colombia. “Hola, parceros,” exclaimed Guetta.

Estoy con @davidguetta y les quiere decir algo !!! #latinos #worldwide

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J Balvin, the latino talent with a penchant for fashionable attire and an alluring reggae-ton flare may be the next name synonymous with the genre to an outside demographic. Pharrell and David Guetta have no issues divvying up their much lauded studio time with the icon so they might just realize something overtly special within the talent. With a comprehension of pop culture as a whole, J Balvin stands out. His yet to be titled album is due out in June.