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In a rather unexpected, but not so much surprising, twist of events, a new poll released Monday [May 2, 2016] shows voters in Ohio want to see their governor and presidential hopeful John Kasich step down from his current bid for the Republican nomination.

In total, 49 percent of voters says they want Governor Kasich to drop out, while only 38 percent of Kasich’s constituents want to see him stay.

An even more staggering figure? Fifty eight percent: the number of Republican Ohioans who want to see John Kasich withdraw from this presidential race.


Surveying a total of 799 registered voters, this poll from the Public Policy Polling firm differs from a survey just last month that showed 52 percent of Ohio natives supporting Kasich’s continuation in the race with only 31 percent of voters agreeing that Kasich has been paying attention to his duties as Governor of Ohio.

Following a win in Ohio’s primary, John Kasich has trailed significantly behind Donald Trump and Ted Cruz in a race that has virtually ruled him out as the GOP nominee.

Despite this, Kasich’s determined that taking this race all the way to Cleveland will result in a victory through a contested convention.

It was only last week in Oregon, which will hold its primary on May 17, the governor admitted that he almost dropped out.

However, it was his wife, Karen, who convinced him to stay, according to the New York Times.

“She said: ‘The people need a choice. And if you don’t give them a choice, who will?’…So I’ve decided to keep going and there are going to be people who are going to criticize me for that…it’s not always an easy road. I’m going to do my very best.”