When we’re talking about the greats, Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen go hand in hand.

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The six NBA championships we so often credit Jordan for accomplishing with the Chicago Bulls were the same six NBA Championships Pippen heavily assisted (literally) in winning. The unstoppable combo on the court back in the 90s just so happened to share one of those magical moments again more recently at Game 7 of the Charlette Hornets vs. Miami Heat.

Scottie Pippen surprised Jordan in his box suite while he sulked over the sub-par performance from his Charlotte Hornets. The joy in both of their faces after all these years proved the force behind the Chicago Bulls dynamic duo was due to a genuine respect relationship among the two.


Although the Hornets didn’t come out on top this playoff season, Michael Jordan still managed to end this season on a good note with an old friend. Watch the short clip below.