Former Houston Rockets player Robert Reid, who played 10 seasons total with the team while averaging a respectable 11.4 points per game in his career, recently decided to throw in his two cents on Rockets star James Harden‘s demeanor and play on the court.

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Harden, still lighting up the league in scoring, has taken flack over the years for his defensive play—or lack thereof—and his inability to align properly with fellow star Dwight Howard. Reid decided to give out some “constructive criticism” to maybe help Harden down the line.



Count former Houston Rockets star Robert Reid among things not going James Harden‘s way these days.

Reid, who played 10 seasons for the Rockets and averaged 11.4 points over a 14-year NBA career, on Monday told KHOU 11 Sports that those issues start with Harden.

“Harden is a tremendous player, but he’s not bringing it for the team,” Reid said. “I’m sorry, I’m just going to say it. Harden looks after Harden.”

Reid told the station that it will be up to whoever coaches the Rockets next season — be it J.B. Bickerstaff, who was the interim coach this season after Kevin McHale was fired, or somebody new — to send a message to Harden about his demeanor.

“The new coach that they bring in here is the one that’s going to have to say, ‘I’m the one who gets fired if we don’t win, not you. Do you feel lucky? Because your happy-jack behind will be at the end of the bench until you come to this game that we want to play.’

Talk about a critique! It will obviously be up to Harden if he wants to make any real changes. With Kevin Durant‘s free agency looming, the Warriors small-ball approach working and the rise of Kawhi Leonard, the West is steadily moving. It’s up to Harden to decide if the Rockets want to keep up with them.