Since launching his I’ll Name This Podcast Later podcast over a year ago, Joe Budden’s weekly show has been full of Hip Hop debates that sometimes spawn news stories (cc: Meek Mill-Nicki Minaj). Tomorrow, it seems that there might be another one on deck as Joe has posted some clips from the next episode which show him giving his opinion on Drake’s VIEWS album. Never one to hold his tongue, Budden shared that he felt complacency when it comes to the lyrics on the project, while also praising 40 for his musical progression.

“For a n*gga that is crowned king of introspection… what has he told you different from Take Care to this album?” he said, heatedly. “It’s the same thing told not as dope as you already fucking told me..”

“I think that that kid on that album that I heard sounds real fucking uninspired. That music sounds good and I enjoy it… 40 you sound amazing. 40 continues to progress; Drake, you do not… I miss the Drake that starts the waves, not hops on other waves. I miss the drake that pushes the fucking agenda.”

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Respect: HNHH