Ted Cruz Elbows His Wife in the Head Twice After Dropping Out of Presidential Race

This is not how you’re going to make America great aga…oh. Sorry, Ted. Wrong slogan. Last night, Ted Cruz finally announced his exit from the Republican Presidential race, an expected conclusion to a spirited but hopeless campaign that has suffered important loss after important loss to the unfortunately dominant Donald Trump at major primaries in recent weeks. Cruz’s withdrawal pretty much sews up the Republican nomination for Trump, which likely sets the stage for the Clinton vs Trump heavyweight fight political pundits have been salivating for since the polls began taking firm shape early this year. Speaking of heavyweight fights, after Cruz’s emotional announcement, he elbowed his wife in the face twice during a group hug as hundreds of his supporters heavily applauded. Vines and GIFs of this is how America can become great again. (Sorry, we couldn’t resist Teddy.)

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