Ben Simmons was being referred to as the next LeBron James for much of the past collegiate season, before his LSU Wolverines fizzed out, and missed the NCAA Division 1 tournament entirely.

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Still, Simmons is regarded as one of the forthcoming NBA Draft’s most talented prospects, and will likely be one of the first five players if not selected, if not one of the first two. He’s a long, graceful playmaker that can score from just about anywhere on the court, and a willing passer and rebounder. A player with his ceiling only comes along once a generation, and he’ll be paid like it by whichever apparel brand endorses him.

That will decision will likely come down to the two biggest apparel brands in sports, Nike and Adidas, and they are expected to pitch deals to Simmons this week. Simmons, who is–naturally–represented by the athlete agency LeBron James founded, Klutch Sports Group, will meet with Adidas in LA tomorrow, and will meet with Nike this weekend, according to  The Vertical.


Simmons, who is only 19-years-old, could demand a $100 million endorsement contract out of the gate. That will likely balloon if he lives up to his potential, and/or plays in a big market, like Los Angeles or, dare we say it, New York.

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