Although Chris Brown just released his seventh studio album this past December, it seems we can expect another album from Chris before the end of 2016.

Chris took to Instagram earlier this week to announce the title of his new album, Heartbreak on a Full Moon, and the release date of his new single. The new single is titled “Grass Aint Greener” and although yesterday was Chris’ birthday he spent the time gifting us with a video to accompany his new single’s release.

It seems that Chris is overly inspired these days by the true happenings of his everyday life which makes for great music that truly comes from the heart. Chris Brown gets into character and completely disowns his pride in the new single, describing a longing he has for a past relationship in which the circumstances are out of his control while also describing unfortunate situations he has had to deal with on behalf of other people’s disloyalty. Overall, Chris’s new single tells the tale of realizing the grass ain’t greener on the other side from both ends of the spectrum.


Just from what we heard from “Grass Aint Greener” it’s safe to say Heartbreak on a Full Moon will be a great album full of lessons learned and even some lessons he’s still figuring out. We look forward to his vocalized pain that will hopefully be cured through the music.