Tracee Ellis Ross isn’t going for what society deems as “beauty” and the ridiculous, fantasized looks that society expects from women today.

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The actress posted a video to her Facebook account going in depth about a year-old interview with The Breakfast Club that resurfaced on the Internet. In the video she discusses women toying with their appearance but makes it clear she isn’t dissing women who wear esthetics such as weaves or the women who might get a butt shot here or a Botox there, but simply screaming for people to stop their fixation on what women are supposed to look like.

She says in the video, “I am an advocate for women being able to choose.” She goes on to say how she does not like the fact women might be shamed into looking a certain way and blames our culture for having narrow standards of beauty.


Ms. Ross believes that whatever enhancements women decide to do to themselves should be for personal empowerment and not to mirror what society wants. She says, “The hope and the goal is that each of us find it within. That’s what I wish for everybody. That’s what I want for myself.”