Retirement seems to be a popular move amongst this generation’s greatest celebrities. Following the recent news of Diddy’s withdrawal from the rap game, famed hit-maker Timbaland has announced Opera Noir is his final full-length project. According to Vibe, in addition to an album, the producer is working on a Hip Hop musical with the same title.

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The musical is a scripted motion picture executive produced by Leftfield Pictures. The program follows the struggles of young musicians on their journey to greater success. No release date has been announced for Opera Noir as of yet.

While the Virginia native works on his forthcoming album and musical, it’s been reported the beat-smith has been pictured in the studio with Justin Timberlake, who’s also working on new music.


Timbaland’s sound and production will live on forever. From the R&B styles of Aaliyah to the original music production on Fox’s hit show Empire, Timbaland provides groundbreaking work that will ring on for eternity.