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Yesterday, the Cavs swept the Hawks out of the playoffs for the second consecutive year, sending Atlanta into an understandable period of uncertainty. Throw a boat load of money at Al Horford and find another star to help this team get over the LeBron hump? Or dump everyone, Horford included, and start building towards the Hawks of the future.

Whatever Atlanta’s front office comes up with, may the force be with them, and here’s to hoping their coach doesn’t heed ESPN announcer Hubie Brown‘s latest batch of basketball-isms. Why? One of them involves ‘getting down in there,’ either “right handed or left handed,” and ‘jerking’ off the defender.


Considering the Hawks had an 8-point lead at the time this axis-altering advice was offered up, and they went on to get beat pretty badly, it’s safe to say there are strategies more effective than this one.