Snapchat Video Proves LeBron James Does Indeed Drive a Kia


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Recently, Kia has aired commercials starring their star brand ambassador, LeBron James, centered around social media’s skepticism about LeBron’s true allegiance to the brand. Does LeBron James, one of the richest athletes in the world, actually drive a Kia when he can afford any car in existence 20 times over?

Social media says no, so the commercials–which are pretty funny–show LeBron making light of the accusations, turning each doubter’s tweet into a confusing algebra formula, then quickly solving it before ducking into his Kia sedan. It’s a slick clapback, but nothing more than acting as most know, leaving the window open still to an alternative. No matter how much LeBron promotes Kia, he doesn’t drive one himself.

Well, Kia doesn’t pay for Snapchats, does it? (If so, holy sh*t DJ Khaled.) A random LeBron fan caught the Cavs forward hopping out of a Kia on a random ass night. Cameras weren’t rolling, and LeBron (presumably) wasn’t alerted that there would be an undercover member of Kia’s front office shadowing him. Nope, there was the 2-time NBA Champion, just casually hopping out of a Kia.


Take that, Twitter.