It’s unclear as to what exactly prompted Skai Jackson to comment on Azealia Banks this evening, but she was not merely shooting from the hip (pun, sort of, not intended). A few hours ago, Banks was going in on Zayn Malik for one reason or the other, claiming that she made better music than him, and clowning his subliminal reply. Whether or not this was what caused Disney child star Skai Jackson–who you may recognize from a series of memes, some of which involve Kobe Bryant and Beyonce–to tweet that Banks needs to “simmer down” is unclear, but that’s how this entire exchange got started.

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Sheesh. Shortly after, Skai Jackson had this to say.

Which, naturally, prompted a response from Azealia, who told Jackson to “grow some hips.”

Then…wait for it.

Ooh. Banks shot back, and Jackson was ready for her at every turn.

Eventually, Banks went somewhere pretty weird with it, after which the back-and-forth calmed down a bit, but Jackson’s clapbacks had already gone viral.