Azealia Banks may fear no one in the Twitterverse, but it seems her latest verbal fire has gotten her dropped from headlining an event.

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After going in on both Skai Jackson, whom she accused of not writing her own tweets but insists that the verbal exchange was between Banks and Jackson’s mom, and former One Direction member Zayn Malik for “mood boarding” her and unleashing some pretty explicit, racist and homophobic tweets, the Rinse FM “Born and Bred” Festival decided to remove Banks from the line up.


Soon after Banks took to her Twitter to apologize for her rants. In a series of tweets she posted (then deleted), Banks  offered up sincere apologies to the fans who were offended but none to the targets of her verbal venom. She also went to tell critics that her online persona is a reflection of her, not the city she was bred in or her culture.

Many also attribute the drop from the festival to her war of words with the UK’s Grime community, after the community clapped back against Banks’ claims that they are a “disgrace to rap culture.” UK singer MNEK was one of the first to respond after he claimed that she invited him to dinner last year and she responded with a homophobic slur, stating she only offered him dinner to “see if he would give one of [her] boys a blow job.”










To which he responded along with countless artists from the Grime scene including Sleeks, System Killer and Kozzie:


Azealia has since deleted all of her tweets and offered up another apology and an advisory to those viewing her page, stating, “I love to disturb people, because only by disturbing them I can make them think.”