Hillary Clinton is wasting no time when it comes to Donald Trump.

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While Trump’s race is over and won, Hillary Clinton still has to deal with Bernie Sanders and the Democratic National Convention, but that isn’t keeping her from getting an early start on the opponent that she’s presumably poised to face this fall.

Super-PACs and other third-parties aligned with the Clinton campaign have released a few videos hitting Donald Trump—and hard.


Featuring various Republicans criticizing the billionaire and clips of Trump’s most inept moments, the presumptive Democratic nominee isn’t taking any chances on Mr. Trump.

“We had to. It was either let him walk all over us or create opportunities where we could throw the first few punches,” says one ally of the Clinton campaign, according to The Hill.

While Clinton is still focused on the race she’s currently running, the super-PACs who have backed her are busy making the case against Trump early—something that his Republican opponents should have done sooner.

“I really don’t think it’s possible to remind voters enough of his offensive and unintelligible remarks,” says Tracy Sefl, who served as senior adviser for super-PAC ‘Ready for Hillary.’

According to these super-PACs, however, the point isn’t to bring up Trump’s personal life and create a spectacle of it. The strategy is to “use Trump’s own words against him,” says the president of super-PAC American Bridge 21st Century, Brad Woodhouse.

The attacks on Trump’s xenophobic policies and derogatory comments toward women will be used to help Clinton grasp the votes of minorities and women.