Few artists have opened up international doors to such a degree that Delta has done for Hip Hop in Australia. Taking a break from his philosophy studies and traveling around the USA and UK in the late 90s / early 2000s, he made connections with artists such as Cannibal Ox, Mojo the Cinematic, MURS and Mark B (RIP), among others.

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On his return to Australia, Delta featured on the Australian classic Culture of Kings 2 compilation with his song, “For the Kings.” Well known in his formative years in battle rap and freestyle circles, the intricate and furious styles of Delta gave him a reputation second to none and came to increased national recognition when he later won the 2003 Battle for Supremacy freestyle competition, which placed emcees from both Australia and New Zealand against one another.

Among all this, Delta released his debut vinyl EP Paper Weight including the superbly crafted anthem “The Rut.” In 2006 he followed his EP with the long awaited debut album, The Lostralian, featuring MURS, Mojo, Prowla, Mr. Thing, Motions, Trem, Mark B and Skinnyman. This album is considered a classic here in Australia, and was an influential contribution to the legacy of legendary Aussie releases from around that time.


In 2009, Delta released The Second Story, featuring Mark B, Mojo, The Dap-Kings, Psycho Les, Milano, Prowla and M-Phazes. In 2014, he followed it up with his Pyramid Schemes album, which featured Milano, Mojo, Kool Herc and Lazy Grey. Throughout his career, Delta has proven to be always being mighty with the pen, but also executes amazing freestyles at any given moment, making him one of the most respected emcees in Australia today. His stage show with DJ Staen 1 (three-time Australian DMC champ) is a perfect example of great chemistry between emcee and deejay. Their sets showcase world-class skills in both elements, and set very high standards for live performances here in Australia.

Delta has recently began to release a documentary on his time abroad, with Part 1 detailing some of his experiences in The Bronx, and working with Lord Finesse and Large Pro at DITC Studios.