Man Arrested For Singing Beyonce’s “Formation” Too Loudly in Atlanta

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A man has been arrested in Atlanta’s Lenox Mall for singing the lyrics to Beyonce‘s recent hit, “Formation,” far too loudly for authorities’ taste.

The incident, which took place recently, was captured on video (which you can watch above) and released to the internet last week, apparently involved a man that was admittedly a “psychiatric patient” not on his medication. NME obtained a full statement about the detainment, which you can read below:


The subject in the video seen singing loudly was detained briefly to avoid any further disturbances. Once he was relocated to the security office, he advised that he was a psychiatric patient and had not taken his medication.

Though no charges were filed, the subject was issued a warning for trespassing and disallowed from returning to the mall. At the onset of the viral clip, you can clearly see the man walking down a mall corridor singing one of the most popular lines from Bey’s single: “When he f*ck me good I take his ass to Red Lobster,” while cops trail him.

This isn’t the only incident involving “Formation” and cops of note recently. Police from Beyonce’s hometown of Houston recently protested her Formation Tour stop, claiming that some of her “performances” were “anti-police.”