One of Hip Hop’s greatest storytellers and MCs, the Notorious B.I.G. had many classic rhymes that are still being untangled nearly 20 years after his untimely death. One of those was the story he told on his “I Got A Story To Tell.” On the record, Biggie Smalls shared a story of of him sleeping with the girlfriend of a New York Knicks player, and subsequently robbing said athlete at gunpoint afterward.

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For years, Hip Hop fans guessed the identity of the 90s Knicks baller, with many (including this writer) thinking it was John Starks, based on Big’s description. Today, Bronx legend Fat Joe paid a visit to ESPN’s Highly Questionable and revealed the identity of the player, perhaps putting all of the rumors to rest. Though he attempted to shield himself by stating that it is only a “rumor,” Joey Crack said the the baller was the recently deceased Anthony Mason.

“Well the guy…I could tell you but I don’t want to be disrespectful. But um..uh…it was about Anthony Mason.”

Hopefully this answers the question to one of Hip Hop’s greatest mysteries. Watch the clip below.


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