In September 2016 the nation’s capital is set to open the doors of another museum, rich with history of the African American culture. The National Museum of African American History is currently under construction on the National Mall in Washington, D.C. The museum has a $270 million goal to reach to complete the construction and build out process and are currently accepting donations to achieve such a goal in a timely manner.

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Actor and philanthropists Denzel Washington and Pauletta Washington took it upon themselves to host a fundraiser for the new museum at their Los Angeles home. They invited their group of noble and esteemed peers to take part in committing to such a great cause. Guests included Quincy Jones, Samuel L. Jackson, and Magic Johnson. The night included dinner and entertainment in addition to  choice words of encouragement from some of the guests.

Although not in attendance, Shonda Rhimes donated $10 million to the fundraiser jumpstarting the momentum which resulted in a total of $17 million raised for the night. The many contributions were received gracefully as their philanthropic efforts were done out of pure passion rather than notoriety being that the couple’s event happened on the same day as President Obama’s Final White House Correspondence Dinner.


Amongst other contributors, Oprah Winfrey is considered a Pinnacle Donor in which her Oprah Winfrey Charitable Foundation has raised over $20 million. The National Museum of American History is actively seeking donors and Ambassadors. Watch the video below to see how to get involved.