Rapper Shane jumped on the opportunity to collaborate with Hip Hop vet Gangsta Boo after a serendipitous day of debauchery, which resulted in the one-off track, “Throwed.”

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Although the track doesn’t appear on the Charlotte, North Carolina rapper’s upcoming EP, Too Busy To Be This Broke, it’s an extra bonus for those who love that classic Paul Wall, Southern style of rap. It all came together quite naturally. 

“Jay, myself and the rest of the Permanent Vacation crew were throwing a monthly party called Squirt,” Shane explains to The Source. “Basically, it’s a squirt gun-themed day party, where we brought in some of our favorite acts to play. One month, we brought Boo in to play. She was rad as fuck. We ended up bouncing around town partying and from all that ‘Throwed’ was created. Boo has forever been a favorite of Jay and mine so it was super rad to connect on a track together.” 


The five-song collaborative project between Shane and Eardrummers producer Ducko McFli is the first official release under the Rapper Shane moniker after abandoning his former stage name, Stranger Day. 

According to a press release, the EP showcases Shane’s versatility as an emcee, where listeners can get a grasp of his influences and learn about his evolution as an artist.

“I come from a school of rap where the idea was to sound like nobody else,” he says. “And when I was younger, looking back on it, I made a lot of whack shit trying to sound like nobody else, but at least it didn’t sound like anybody else. I could easily bite the guy that’s on, but that doesn’t contribute to the art form. At the end of the day, it’s just rhyming words. It’s not that difficult. But the idea is to do it in a unique fashion, that’s what makes an artist dope.” 

The EP arrives June 17.