It’s been more than six years since the music world heard from Ameriie (formerly Amerie) with the exception of a fairly recent single, “Out Loud,” which dropped in 2015, and in a recent interview with The Breakfast Club, the songstress talks about what took so long and also revealed she’s releasing a new project entitled Drive.

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“I’ve been creating a lot of stuff, I’ve been writing,” Ameriie said. “I’ve been working on a lot of stuff, I have a new EP coming Friday and I am working on another one coming out in July.”

In addition to putting out an album, Ameriie also announced that she is in the process of crafting an anthology, Because You Love to Hate Me, that will be distributed by Bloomsberg Publishing (of Harry Potter fame). Describing the book as one based off of the villainous point of view, Ameriie also said fans will see a little bit of that influence reflected in her new music.


“I’ve always loved the villain,” Ameriie continued. “In my movie Tony Montana doesn’t die; when he’s at his highest everyone is happy. In Breaking Bad, no spoilers but it all works out and I love that and fans will definitely see that reflected in my music.”

During the interview Ameriie also discussed why she no longer desires to be signed to a label and her influence on music overall.

“I think as artists we are all in dialogue with one another, “Ameriie said. “No artist is on an island, so to say we aren’t influenced by artists both older and current would be a lie because we are. Honestly I am a big believer in timing and one of the things for me is that things used to take so long, that’s why now I am glad that I can release when I want to. It’s easier but it’s so much more to do as well.”

Drive is scheduled to be released on May 20, check out the full interview and her latest EP below.