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The things that aspiring rappers will do to appear successful becomes more deplorable by the day. According to FOX13, three men have been arrested after committing a murder in Winter Haven, Florida. The motivation for the brazen act of violence is what through the police for a loop. The murder took place on May 11, when Joseph Gomes-Brandon Jr, 18, and Jonathan Felix, 21, went to the home of Tyler Macklin, 21, with the intentions of robbing him. The money collected would have been used to flaunt while performing on stage at a concert they were scheduled to perform at.

Things went from bad to worse when Gomes-Brandon and Felix ended up fatally shooting Macklin. The third man, Dylan Kindred, 20, is said to be the one who orchestrated the robbery, telling police that his accomplices were only supposed to “steal cash and drugs,” but not hurt him. Kindred was the one who drove to the victims home and waited in the car when they returned with Macklin’s wallet, which contained $300 and another gun, which belonged to the victim.

Gomes-Brandon and Felix have been charged with first-degree murder, armed robbery as well as a slew of other charges relating to the incident. For his part, Kindred was charged with one count of conspiracy to commit armed robbery but authorities say his charges may be ungraded per the ongoing investigation.


Respect: HipHopDX