Katt Williams has had multiple run-ins with the law recently. The comedian faced assault and arrest charges after a fight with a 17-year-old landed him in jail. Yesterday, Williams was able to avoid hard time because he was a no-show in court.

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Since the schoolyard fight, Williams has been involved multiple random blenders across the south. Williams allegedly assaulted a man by throwing a salt-shaker at his face. He was later detained by authorities after fleeing the scene. Before that, Williams was accused of punching a pool store employee in Gainesville, Ga. The comedian’s behavior has people questioning what has made the once great comic lash out against complete strangers.

Since Williams was not present for his recent hearing involving another incident where he allegedly beat up a bodyguard, a pretrial warrant was not issued for his arrest. However, William’s legal trouble is slowly starting to add up.


Katt Williams is taking a hard fall from grace. The man once known for his memorable roles and laugh-out-loud standup comedy is making headlines for all the wrong reasons.

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