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Antoine Fuqua‘s classic, Academy Award-winning film Training Day has sparked a television series of the same name, and it’s coming to CBS this fall. Though Fuqua was initially lined up to direct the show’s pilot, another project pulled him away from that duty. Still, its first trailer is here, and it’s as intriguing as one might imagine. Starring Bill Paxton as the know-it-all dirty cop Denzel Washington portrayed in the original film, and Justin Cornwell as the keen, green, and do-right rookie Ethan Hawke played, Training Day will follow a set of cops bent on ruling the city of Los Angeles the way they feel is the most effective.

For some of these cops, it means riding around with a man in the trunk or blowing up a house full of drug dealers without a search warrant. To others, it means not shooting at a bad guy in a room full of innocent people, and reminding veteran officers about the laws learned at the academy. For us, it means one hell of an entertaining new show. Watch the trailer above.


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